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IN THE HEIGHTS - Berklee College of Music 2016

The best theatrical experience of my life. - Zack Bloom,



FUNNY GIRL - Village Theatre 2014


Director Steve Tomkins and Choreographer Kristin Holland have captured the perfect style and tone for this World War I

era tuner, which certainly keeps the fun of the piece alive.  - Jay Erwin, Broadway World


The great dance numbers by Kristin Holland were smartly executed and thoroughly delightful.

- Jerry Kraft,


The singing and dancing honor the spirit of “Funny Girl” with precision, emotion and a heaping helping of pizzazz.

-Peter Clark, The Issaquah Press


Enchanting choreography by Kristin Holland - Miryam Gordon, Miryam's Theatre Musings




CHICAGO - Village Theatre 2013
WINNER 2013 Gregory Award for Best Overall Production


Kristin Holland’s stunning choreography provides the perfect mix of sizzle, sass and sex. - Dewey Mee, The Daily Record  


Kristin Holland’s choreography matches any flashy routines you’ll see on Broadway. - Nancy Worrsam, Arts Stage


The choreography pays appropriate homage to Fosse and still manages to put Holland's own mark on the well

accomplished dance -  Jerry Kraft,  


Killer choreography from Kristin Holland – Jay Irwin, Broadway World




THE PRODUCERS - Village Theatre 2012
WINNER 2012 Gypsy Rose Lee Award for Outstanding Choreography


Impeccably choreographed with giddy glee and gaudy grace by Kristin Holland - David Edward-Hughes, Talkin' Broadway


Smartly choreographed by Kristin Holland - Misha Berson, The Seattle Times

Dazzling choreography by Kristin Holland - Deborah Stone, The Woodinville Weekly


It’s an amazing production with gorgeous costumes, sets, lighting and terrific performances from the entire cast and all

glued together with Mr. Tomkins’ strong direction and the choreography of Kristin Holland.

- Michael Strangeways, Seattle Gay Scene




ANNIE GET YOUR GUN - Village Theatre 2011


Number after number, co-choreographers Tomkins and his talented protégé Kristin [Holland] employ the sharp and

spirited cast expertly, from a slam-bang "There's No Business Like Show Business" through to a rip-roaring "Sun in the

Morning." There is a near Broadway-level of excitement in these numbers that is a thrill to see. 

- David Edward-Hughes, Talkin' Broadway


Sparkling choreography by Steve Tomkins and Kristin [Holland] - John James DeWitt, Broadway World


The focus is on Steve Tomkins’ and Kristin [Holland's] spirited choreography... The dancing, as fancy as Oakley’s shooting,

is used to communicate the Wild West show’s circus-esque atmosphere. - Warren Kagarise, Issaquah Press


Dance numbers are 100 percent time-period appropriate, bursting with energy and athletically breath

taking. Choreography by Steve Tomkins and Kristin [Holland] is kaleidoscopically dazzling. Patterns arrange and rearrange

in the wink of an eye. - Dale Burrows, The Weekly Herald




IRON CURTAIN  - Village Theatre 2011


In its own retro-Broadway universe, "Iron Curtain" puts on quite a show — most laudably in the splashy, stylishly

performed song-and-dance numbers choreographed by Tomkins and Kristin [Holland] - Misha Berson, The Seattle Times


Choreography by Kristin [Holland] is often convulsively funny - Miryam Gordon, Seattle Gay News


Remarkable direction and choreography by Steve Tomkins and Kristin [Holland], created a stunning original show that will

renew your zest for musical theater. - Theresa Goffredo, The Herald




ANNE OF GREEN GABLES - Village Theatre 2010


Elaborate choreography by Steve Tomkins and Kristin [Holland], whose inventive staging was entertaining and effective at

showing the passage of time - Kristen Russell, ParentMap


Tomkins and Kristin [Holland] use droll choreography to suggest aging in the adolescent characters. The breathless romps

in the opening act lead to more form and grace in later scenes - Warren Kagarise, Issaquah Press


The choreography by Steve Tomkins and Kristin [Holland] was reminiscent of a light version of Seven Brides for Seven

Brothers and other traditional musicals.  What particularly struck me was how the choreography actually helped tell the

story, from the large group numbers down to the incredibly intimate and moving dance between Anne’s parents.

- Jim Carroll, CultureMob




URINETOWN - Second Story Repertory 2008


Choreography by Kristin [Holland] is vigorous, very creative and expressive - Miryam Gordon, Seattle Gay News




BAT BOY - ArtsWest Playhouse 2007


A busy ensemble has fun with Kristin [Holland's] spoofy choreography  - Misha Berson, The Seattle Times

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